Frequently Asked Questions

New Homes

When is the best time to build?
How long will it take to build my house?
Who organises the plans?
Can I change the plan once it has been drawn?
What approvals do I need?
Why is the council process taking so long?
Can I purchase my own fixtures / fitting / materials?
Will my new home be energy efficient?
How often will we contact you during the building process?
What is practical completion?
What are siteworks and do I pay extra for them?

Home Improvements

What areas do we undertake renovations?

How can I get my home renovated?

What should I think about when planning out my renovation?

How long will my renovation take?

Can I stay in my home during the renovation?

Granny Flats

What is a granny flat?

What approvals do I need to build a granny flat?

What are the regulations involved?

House and Land Package

What is a house and land package?
What is an “off the plan” home?
How much does a land home package cost?


Do you offer warranty on my house?
Do I need to change my own insurance?
What is indemnity insurance?
How much will my repayments be?
How much can I borrow?

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